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STRIVE is a non profit organization that plans an annual youth retreat for youth ages 12-18, from BC to Manitoba! We are affiliated with AGC (Associated Gospel Churches) and love planning a fun, Christ-centered weekend for youth and youth groups. STRIVE has been running for 17 years, and we're not stopping anytime soon!

Mat "Sweapen" Eapen

He's the big kahuna...a.k.a. our STRIVE committee chair. He makes everything happen, and has fun doin' it!

Carlynn "mama-bear" Sooklal

Carlynn's the mom of the group, and she's also a mom in real life too. She is our Registrar, which means she knows it all. Fun fact! Carlynn has been attending + helping with STRIVE since it's very beginning! 

Bryce "chatter-box" Letkeman

Bryce is a STRIVE committee member and is our fun + games guru. You can expect him to dance awkwardly at some point this weekend!


"the bombshell" KIjewski

Sandrelle is a STRIVE committee member and is the organization behind Bryce's games (sorry Bryce, but you know it's true!) Sandrelle is creative and so much fun. We kinda love her a lot.


"all-the-rage" Brose

Paige a STRIVE committee member, and is pretty cool. She takes pictures, looks after designing our posters and website among other things and is the most bubbly of the group.