Andrew Chambers!

Andrew has been pastoring students at Wetaskiwin Mission Church since 2015. (It helps that Andrew has himself been shepherded by Jesus since 1999.) He can often be found: with his wife and four children; lifting heavy things; reading good books; winning at board games. Andrew has many passions, but they are all outstripped by his thirst for Jesus Christ as He is revealed in the Word of God. His hope and prayer are that his enthusiasm to pass on things learned in the Word of God would turn out to be convicting and contagious in those who hear.

**Fun Fact:  Andrew wears a shirt that says "STRIVE" on it approximately 1.5 times per week**


Dress Code

While at STRIVE, we do not want you or anybody else distracted by clothing. This goes for both guys and girls. Please wear shorts that are longer than your fingertips when arms are placed by your side (no short-shorts). Shirts should not be see-through, hang low on the sides or be a crop top. (T-shirts are the best!)



Register: 4-5pm

Opening Supper: 5:30pm

Fri Evening: Session, Wide game, snack + fire!


Sessions, free time, youth group time + wide games


Session, clean up + home time by 1:00pm!

all meals are provided while at STRIVE!

  • Who: You, your youth group + your friends!

  • What: A fun weekend, full of connecting with each other + learning about Jesus!

  • When: May 22-24, 2020

  • Where: Millar College of the Bible, Pambrun, SK

  • Why: 'Cause it's AWESOME.

What to bring

Yourself! A friend! 
Your Bible! 
A notebook + pen! 
A sleeping bag + pillow! 
Things that make you smell good! 
Active/warm clothing + gym shoes! 
Spending money! (for the cafe and STRIVE clothing)